Bulgarian companies looking for partners – EDF 2023


Αξιότιμες Κυρίες / Κύριοι, σας προωθώ το παρακάτω email που λάβαμε από την Βουλγαρία στο οποίο επισυνάπτεται κατάλογος εταιρειών, που ενδιαφέρονται για συνεργασία στο πλαίσιο των προτάσεων EDF WP23.

Με εκτίμηση,

Hellenic Ministry of Defence
General Directorate for Defence
Investments & Armaments
Tel.: +30 210 746 6513

Dear Colleagues,

 Please find attached the list of Bulgarian companies and their topics of interest for the EDF2023 calls. I also attach more detailed information about the interests and capabilities of 2 of the companies – Neuromorphica and Bianor.

 Kind regards,

 Svetlin Stefanov,

State Expert,

“NATO and Economic Aspects of Security” Unit,

“Internationnally Controlled Trade and Security” Department,

Ministry of Economy and Industry, Bulgaria

Tel. + 359 02 940 74 10, e-mail: sv.stefanov@mi.government.bg


  1. BG_Organizations_Searching_for_Partners_2023_All
  2. Bianor Defense Capabilities and EDF Interests
  3. Neuromorphica